Gramma Good Starts Blogging on Chicago Now

The day has finally arrived; a Chicago gramma is blogging on Chicago Now – how exciting is that?!

Grammas Get It will expand the grandmother image to define our own place as Women of the World! We are GRANDmothers! I want this blog to bring us front and center as WOMEN OF VALUES, because Grammas Get It!! I started to connect grandmothers together, but as a Chicagoan was honored to start blogging for Chicago Now to connect us Chicago Grandmothers!

To start blogging, I had to learn everything about the computer world. The first thing I had to do was purchase my computer—an Apple! I fell in love with the Apple. I fell in love with Steve Jobs and his brilliance. I fell in love with his beautiful stores and his beautiful products. I just had to own one!  It was this computer that started moving fate and determination along. I learned to type by purchasing the disc Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing. Every morning as my husband slept, I climbed out of bed and quietly went to my desk where my computer sits. As the sun was starting to come up, I would sit in front of my computer with my dog, Orchid, at my side, looking out over the water and listening to the soothing voice of Mavis teach me the rules of typing. I loved every minute of it. But then, I love life.

I will leave this blog with my thought for the day: As important as it is to accomplish your goal, it is really about who you become in the process. We know… because Grammas Get It!!

Grandmothers are united together with this blog on Chicago Now. We are the new-age, hip grandmothers and need a place online to start talking!

Grammas Get It: Share wisdom for the day with your grandchildren!




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