Gramma Good and her Blended Family

Gramma Good and her Blended Family

Meet my blended family. There are a total of 20 grandchildren. Who in the world came up with the term “blended families?” Like we all fit “hand in glove!”

I have two daughters. One of my daughters lives not too far from me. She has five children: two girls and three boys. They are the most delightful, loving, blended family that I have ever met. My husband! He is the blended step father, the blended grandfather and real father and real grandfather. His best role: The second husband. But to me he is “just Shelly.”

My husband has two sons and they have seven children between them. My wonderful daughter-in-law, who I consider my third daughter, has three wonderful sons. I call them "the good boys" because they are just that. The youngest attends college in California. The middle son just graduated college and is now in business, and the oldest son lives in Texas and is in the computer industry. Their father, my husband's son, committed suicide three years ago. I will speak about his suicide in another post. Though I am not their biological grandmother, I am "their grandmother." Their grandmother passed away before they were born. I love them plain and simple and they love me.

My step-son and his wife have four children...exceptional children. There are two boys and two girls. Their mother has dedicated herself to raising her children. They are accomplished musicians, accomplished students, accomplished in dance and sports. One just left for college and the other three are in grade school and up. They are the family that plays together and stays together.

I will share my “gramma saga” with posts about how each grandchild entered my life over the coming weeks. I would love to hear about your families!

Do something GOOD today: Call your children to tell them you love them.

Gramma Good

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