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I left my iPhone 5 charger at the office on Friday.  Aside from my car charger, I only have one phone charger and no home phone.  Even though I live close to my office, I won't go back to get it.  I'm not required to be back there until Monday morning.  I'm pretty sure I would only re-enter the building before that time if we were under attack and the office was the only safe place that exists.

I've been able to charge up while in the car or last night at a friend's house, but for the majority of the weekend my phone has been dead.  It makes me a little sad, I guess, to say that this hasn't been that big of an issue.  I remembered that I could text with iMessage on my iPad, so I've been using that when my iPhone loses power.  Only one person (my friend Jessica) knows that I left my charger at work.  But I haven't received any texts from anyone reading "just tried to call you but your phone goes straight to voicemail." Um, that's because no one has called.

And while I'm not going to take 100% of the blame for that, much of this is my own doing.  I'm a text person and I don't like it.  I think there's truth to the idea that technology can bring us closer together but usually just isolates us more.  I think that sending texts rather than hearing someone's voice probably contributes to that and I'm guilty of this myself.

So, tomorrow when my phone is back in business, I'm going to take a text sabbatical.  If you text me with a question, I'll call you to answer it.

I'd like your input.  How long do you think my break (not my breakup) should be?  Please post your thoughts in the comments  section below.

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