One Minus A Plus One Adds Up To Zero

Tips_PlusOneIn the following scene, Carrie Bradshaw ponders the three things a single city girl is in search of, at one time or another.

Plus One is the Loneliest Number

Here's a look at my history with the job, the boyfriend, and the apartment and why I am happy with two out of three.

My Job:

I like it. It's not going anywhere. It pays the bills. And hey, a girl's got to shop.

The Boyfriend:

Don't have one. I'll want one. Someday. But not quite yet.

The Apartment:

A brief look back...

February 2012 - moved out of the home I shared with my now ex-husband to an empty apartment with a bed for our three month trial separation

May 2012 - moved back in with my now ex-husband

September 2012 - moved out of the home I shared with my now ex-husband to my own place (never to return to said home - or husband)

April 2013 - moved out of apartment in the city to an apartment in the suburbs

September 2013 - tick tock! My lease will be up soon!

I'm content, for now, with my very own apartment and a job, maybe because they're all mine. The boyfriend will happen.

So Carrie Bradshaw, even though your words are often little gems and pearls of wisdom, I've got to disagree with you on this one. For now my search is over.

Is there one thing you're always in search of?

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