Goodbye Suburbs...Hello Denver!

Thank you to everyone who has read my blog over the last five months. I’m leaving the suburbs (sigh of relief) and returning to the city…but not Chicago! The city of Denver! Take care and find happiness (wherever you may be). xo Bethany

8 Tips for Young People Who Just Moved to Chicago

With the beginning of fall and the start of the school year, millions of freshmen will be starting at new high schools and colleges all over the country. This reminded me of how members of the senior class often give advice to incoming freshmen. It lead me to think about how I wish that when... Read more »

One Minus A Plus One Adds Up To Zero

In the following scene, Carrie Bradshaw ponders the three things a single city girl is in search of, at one time or another. Plus One is the Loneliest Number Here’s a look at my history with the job, the boyfriend, and the apartment and why I am happy with two out of three. My Job:... Read more »
ChicagoNow Video

Vote for the 8th Wonder of the World

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Looking at this site made me realize how many beautiful places there are to see. I voted for one that I’ve actually been too (that’s only fair). Click below and leave a note in the comments section below letting us know who you voted for! Cast your vote!  

Unlimited Messaging Plan

I left my iPhone 5 charger at the office on Friday.  Aside from my car charger, I only have one phone charger and no home phone.  Even though I live close to my office, I won’t go back to get it.  I’m not required to be back there until Monday morning.  I’m pretty sure I... Read more »

This Is Not Your Average Game Show

When I realized over the course of time that my marriage was tanking, it was a sad realization. I loved being a wife and I couldn’t wait to be a mother. So when my marriage failed I knew that my dreams of motherhood would be put on hold for awhile. Some day it’ll all make... Read more »


If My Pedometer Could Talk

I know you’ve all been waiting for my next blog post. “But Bethany (insert whiny voice here) when are you going to post another blog entry?!!!!” Said no one. Ever. Anyways, this would have come a lot earlier but I vowed to do nothing until I got past the level of Candy Crush that was... Read more »

Sh*t Suburban Girls Say

I came across this video of “Sh*t Suburban Girls Say” and unfortunately could identify with some. Enjoy! Sh*t Suburban Girls Say Video Type your email address in the box and click the “create subscription” button. My list is completely spam free, and you can opt out at any time.

Taking My Foot Off The Gas

We’ve all been there. There are times when we get a little too comfortable or complacent or cocky, and we ease up on our efforts. Below are three ways I’ve taken my foot off the gas, which in one way or another required me to put the pedal to the metal. 1. My sales were... Read more »