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What about the children of pot-smoking Moms?

Wow, I had not idea that my poll about Moms needing to smoke pot to deal with their kids would yield a result of approximately 2/3 of the people supporting the idea. Amazing! After writing “Should women use pot to be better Moms?“, I couldn’t help but wonder what lessons these parents may be teaching... Read more »

Should women use pot to be better Moms?

There have been several articles written by Moms who smoke pot and are proud of it. They are so proud that they don’t appreciate being judged by the Moms who drink. I’m not talking about Moms who are smoking pot when their kids aren’t around. These women admit that they smoke pot to deal with... Read more »

Hey Mayor Emanuel, Can my teen smoke pot as long as I pay the ticket?

Chicago Mayor, Rahm Emanuel is expected to support a proposal that will allow police officers to ticket people who are caught with small amounts of marijuana.  What does this mean for our children?  Marijuana is an illegal substance in Chicago and the Mayor plans to remove the serious ramifications for possessing it.  How many kids... Read more »