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Paid to Parent? Only in Chicago!

Mayor Rahm Emanuel has established an interesting relationship with Walgreens. Walgreens drug store will give $25 gift cards to parents at 70 Chicago Public Schools if they come to pick up their child’s report card and attend a parent conference. This program is aimed at targeting schools with low parental involvement. The last time I... Read more »

Why don't kids play outside?

Kids today, don’t play outside much anymore. They are watching TV or playing video games. I think that they are losing some great creativity. When kids play outside, they are more creative. Back in the day, kids would come home from school, do homework and go outside to play. There are several factors that have... Read more »

Is your child a quitter?

If your child wanted to quit soccer, baseball, piano or the dance team, what would you do?  Over the years I have experienced many of my children’s peers quit various activities and sports.  Losing a team member can affect the entire team.  When you are part of a team, other people rely on your skills... Read more »

6-Year Old Handcuffed? Good/Bad School or Parents?

A six year old girl from Milledgeville, Georgia was placed in handcuffs and taken to a local police station.  The staff at Creekside Elementary School deemed it necessary to call police because they could not calm her down.  According to her mother, she has mood swings and we all have them.  The mother said that... Read more »