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Should teachers be allowed to punish students?

Should teachers be allowed to punish students? I think that punishment should be allowed. We all know that teachers have a tough job. They are typically dealing with 20 to 35 students in their class. Students WILL misbehave at some point. Even your perfect child. What should the teacher do when this happens? If they... Read more »

Parents vs Teachers: The Who, What, Why & How To End It

Parents and teachers are supposed to work together to educate children and foster their development. It seems as though this relationship in many cities has taken a turn for the worse. THE WHO: Parents created and gave birth to the children. They are the child’s first educators. Parents know their children well and have experienced... Read more »

Happy Thanksgiving Good And Bad Parent Readers

Happy Thanksgiving to all of the people who read my Good And Bad Parents blog. I am thankful to each and every one of you. I feel blessed that each of you has taken a minute or two or even more of your time to read my opinions about parenting. I especially want to thank... Read more »

Chicago Parents: Cast Your Vote For or Against The Teacher's Strike

Parents of CPS students need to be heard and acknowledged. Our children and our families are being greatly affected by the Chicago Teacher’s Strike! I support the great teachers of Chicago, but I do not support this strike. Every time I see a sign with a scathing message for Mayor Emanuel, I am more convinced... Read more »

Are Parents (Partially) Responsible For The Chicago Teacher's Strike?

Are parents (partially) responsible for the Chicago Teacher’s strike? My answer to that is yes but only some parents are responsible. One of the major sticking points in the recent Chicago Teacher’s strike is the new evaluation system. The new system will use a student’s test scores as part of the teacher’s evaluation. The teachers... Read more »

Chicago Teacher's Strike? Whose Side Are You On?

We are days away from a potential strike by the Chicago Teacher’s Union. There is enough blame to go around that could probably circle the earth. The teachers, the teachers union, CPS administration and Mayor Rahm Emanuel are all responsible for the potential strike. Everyone and I mean everyone has behaved badly. They all may... Read more »

11 Things Good Parents Do For Their Kids

Good and Bad Parents is a blog that reflects both sides so today I will write about Good Parents. I came up with a list of 11 things that Good Parents do for their kids. The list is not in order of importance and it is by no means complete. Tell your child “No” Teach... Read more »

Thanks Derrick Rose For (potentially) Adding to the 73% of Black Children Born Out of Wedlock

It has been reported that Derrick Rose and his girlfriend are expecting their first child.  I used the word “potentially” because their is still time for Derrick Rose to marry his girlfriend before their child is born. Do I expect Derrick to be a role model? Hell yes, but only to his own child.  Parents... Read more »