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Dear Mayor Emanuel: What are you doing to our schools?

Mayor Emanuel, You sold people on a campaign promise to fix the school system in Chicago and give their children a better education. You have done nothing but make it worse. Your heart seems to be in the right place, but your methods are all wrong, Mr. Mayor! You made some very nasty remarks about... Read more »

Chicago Parents: Cast Your Vote For or Against The Teacher's Strike

Parents of CPS students need to be heard and acknowledged. Our children and our families are being greatly affected by the Chicago Teacher’s Strike! I support the great teachers of Chicago, but I do not support this strike. Every time I see a sign with a scathing message for Mayor Emanuel, I am more convinced... Read more »

Mayor Emanuel & Garry McCarthy: Chicago's homicide problems begin at home

The city of Chicago is getting all kinds of press over the number of homicides in 2012. There have been at least 259 homicides thus far in 2012. According to the Chicago Tribune , 55% of the victims and offenders have gang affiliations and a large number of the victims had arrest histories. Andrew Papachristos,... Read more »

Hey Mayor Emanuel, Can my teen smoke pot as long as I pay the ticket?

Chicago Mayor, Rahm Emanuel is expected to support a proposal that will allow police officers to ticket people who are caught with small amounts of marijuana.  What does this mean for our children?  Marijuana is an illegal substance in Chicago and the Mayor plans to remove the serious ramifications for possessing it.  How many kids... Read more »