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Do parents value education only to the point at which it is convenient?

Do parents value education only when it’s convenient? A recent Huffington Post article about the longer school day in Chicago, has made me ask this question.  Actually, I have asked myself this question after talking to a lot of parents even before the school day was extended. Over the years I have listened to parents... Read more »

Parenting Is Being Outsourced! Is there not enough time or is it too difficult?

There are so many things that parents used to do that are being outsourced to others. It’s worse than all of the corporations that outsource their customer service departments to other countries. Parents can hire someone to do almost every parenting job imaginable. Here are a few things that parents are hiring others to do:... Read more »

Parents who take their children out of school to go on vacation

There are parents who take their kids out of school to go on vacation.  I’m not talking about having the child skip school on Friday for an extended weekend.  I’m talking about taking a week or two for vacation because one of the parents couldn’t take time off of work during the child’s winter, spring ... Read more »

Parents are responsible for homework, not CPS/Schools

Parents need to take some responsibility for their children’s education.  Some parents expect CPS to do too much with regards to educating their child.  Parents are constantly blaming CPS when children aren’t doing well in school.  Today I will share a few of  what I consider WTF moments regarding homework. There was a discussion about... Read more »