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Get Free Tickets to the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and Enjoy Some Quality Family Time (The Free Ticket Contest Has Ended)

I am giving away four tickets to the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.  Why?  I think that families should spend quality time together and that all children should be exposed to culture and the arts.  I wrote a blog about how eating dinner together can reduce the risk of your teen using drugs or alcohol.  I believe... Read more »

Screen-Free Week / Why is this happening only one week out of a year?

This week is Screen-Free Week.  “It is an annual celebration where children, families, schools and communities turn off screens and turn on life.  Instead of relying on screens for entertainment, participants read, daydream, explore, enjoy nature and enjoy spending time with family and friends.”  Are they for real? It amazes me how so many schools... Read more »

Can having dinner as a family, prevent your teen from using drugs and alcohol?

What happened to old fashioned family dinner time?  We live in an age where everything is fast-paced and electronic.  Families dine in their cars after visiting fast food restaurants instead of eating at home.  When families do eat at home, everyone is doing their own thing.  Someone is watching TV, someone else is working on... Read more »