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Teen Privacy: Should parents know if their child is making a bomb in their home?

Should parents know when their child is making a bomb in their home?  How much privacy does your teen have? Do you snoop in your kid’s room? Do you read their text messages? Do you view their Facebook pages? Do you check their tweets? Do you check your kid’s email account? My answers to all... Read more »

It Takes A Village To Help Prevent Suicide

Unfortunately, the issue of teen suicide has crossed our family’s path three times in less than a year. On a positive note, there has been only one fatality. Parents I urge you to do the following:   Talk to your child Urge your child to talk to you Do whatever you can to make them... Read more »

Why don't kids play outside?

Kids today, don’t play outside much anymore. They are watching TV or playing video games. I think that they are losing some great creativity. When kids play outside, they are more creative. Back in the day, kids would come home from school, do homework and go outside to play. There are several factors that have... Read more »

Why is Facebook more concerned about your child than you are?

According to reports, 7.5 million children under the age of 13 are on Facebook. A whopping 5 million are under the age of 10! These numbers came from the number of parents who admitted that they were aware that their under aged child had a Facebook account. It may be fair to assume that this... Read more »