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Do parents value education only to the point at which it is convenient?

Do parents value education only when it’s convenient? A recent Huffington Post article about the longer school day in Chicago, has made me ask this question.  Actually, I have asked myself this question after talking to a lot of parents even before the school day was extended. Over the years I have listened to parents... Read more »

Don Lemon calls out the black community: Black parents, are you listening?

CNN’s Don Lemon, called out the black community recently on his show. He started by saying that he agreed with some remarks that were recently stated by Bill O’Reilly.  Don stated that Bill didn’t go far enough with his remarks. Take a few minutes and watch the entire video clip of Don Lemon’s remarks and... Read more »

Kids, scholarships, and their 1% parents?

Justin Combs received a $54,000 scholarship to UCLA. Everyone has an opinion about it so here is mine. The kid worked hard in school and earned the scholarship so he should keep it.  Everybody’s panties are in a bunch because his father is part of the infamous 1%!  You can’t open the newspaper or go... Read more »

6-Year Old Handcuffed? Good/Bad School or Parents?

A six year old girl from Milledgeville, Georgia was placed in handcuffs and taken to a local police station.  The staff at Creekside Elementary School deemed it necessary to call police because they could not calm her down.  According to her mother, she has mood swings and we all have them.  The mother said that... Read more »

My (sort of) fake interview with (CPS Selective Enrollment Guru) KATIE ELLIS

I call this a fake interview because I was told to send my questions via email and that Katie Ellis would answer my emailed questions.  The questions and the answers are real and accurate.  I have added additional comments in italics under Katie’s answers because I was unable to have a real conversation with her.... Read more »

Parents who take their children out of school to go on vacation

There are parents who take their kids out of school to go on vacation.  I’m not talking about having the child skip school on Friday for an extended weekend.  I’m talking about taking a week or two for vacation because one of the parents couldn’t take time off of work during the child’s winter, spring ... Read more »

Should schools charge students fees for breaking school rules?

The Noble Street Charter School Network has been in the news recently because they assess students fees if they break school rules. Here is a quote from the Chicago News Cooperative website: The Noble Street Charter School Network collected $188,647 in fines, which it calls “fees,” during the 2010-2011 school year across the 10 high schools... Read more »

Parents are responsible for homework, not CPS/Schools

Parents need to take some responsibility for their children’s education.  Some parents expect CPS to do too much with regards to educating their child.  Parents are constantly blaming CPS when children aren’t doing well in school.  Today I will share a few of  what I consider WTF moments regarding homework. There was a discussion about... Read more »