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Chicago Teacher's Strike? Whose Side Are You On?

We are days away from a potential strike by the Chicago Teacher’s Union. There is enough blame to go around that could probably circle the earth. The teachers, the teachers union, CPS administration and Mayor Rahm Emanuel are all responsible for the potential strike. Everyone and I mean everyone has behaved badly. They all may... Read more »

6 Year Old Makes Women's Booty Pop

Warning: YouTube has deemed the video contained in the link as inappropriate and has restricted its viewing to users over the age of 18. A 6 year old boy was filmed in a video singing “I Can Make Your Booty Pop“. The boy is surrounded by women shaking their asses and gyrating. Where do I... Read more »

Bad kids should be kicked off airplanes

Here we go again, with another family crying foul because they were removed from a flight because their kid could not behave. A 3-year old boy was fussy and wouldn’t sit still on an Alaska Airlines flight to Seattle. The toddler was in his seat belt but continued to try to get out of it.... Read more »

Why is Facebook more concerned about your child than you are?

According to reports, 7.5 million children under the age of 13 are on Facebook. A whopping 5 million are under the age of 10! These numbers came from the number of parents who admitted that they were aware that their under aged child had a Facebook account. It may be fair to assume that this... Read more »

Why I enjoy being a Mom

Mother’s Day is Sunday and I am a Mom so I must write about being a Mom. I have always wanted to be a Mom. It wasn’t one of those things that I had to think about. I wanted to have 4 kids, until I got older and wiser and realized that 4 kids was... Read more »

Is your child a quitter?

If your child wanted to quit soccer, baseball, piano or the dance team, what would you do?  Over the years I have experienced many of my children’s peers quit various activities and sports.  Losing a team member can affect the entire team.  When you are part of a team, other people rely on your skills... Read more »

Hey Ladies, Birth Control Is Not An Option, It's A Requirement

Ladies, ladies, ladies, birth control is not an option it is a requirement when you have sex before marriage.  Black children are being born at an alarming rate of 73% to single mothers! Last week I wrote about a few professional athletes that had children out of wedlock.  Today I will focus on the women... Read more »

Are you raising an "entitled" child?

I have encountered many adults who act as if the rules of the world don’t apply to them.  In the last few years I have encountered children who act as if the world revolves around them.  I wonder if these adults and these children are related.  Could they be the parent and child in one... Read more »