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Parents fined for kid's bullying: Stop raising bad kids or you WILL pay!

A Wisconsin suburb has passed a new ordinance that states that parents are fined for kid’s bullying. Parents are responsible for their kids so I don’t think that this is a bad idea. This ordinance is aimed at the parents of children who have bullied others on multiple occasions.  If parents attempt to address their... Read more »

Bullying someone bigger and older than you? Parents, where are you?

A young child is in need of a serious and stern reality check and a few other things. The reason is because this kid is a bully. She is a serious bully because she doesn’t care that her targeted victim is older and bigger than she is. A 14-year old was at a hair salon... Read more »

Is your kid, the mean kid?

I want all parents to start paying attention to how their children interact with other children.  In the wake of the bus attendant incident, we all need to make sure that our children are not one of those “Mean” kids.  Make sure that your kid is being nice and plays well with other children.  I... Read more »

Kids bully elderly bus attendant! Parents? Parenting?

A video of middle school heathens, I mean children bullying Karen Klein an elderly bus attendant has gone viral. The video was so awful that I had to take a break before finishing it. I was so disgusted and angry I couldn’t think straight! My own kids begged me to turn off the video after... Read more »