Are There Selfish Parents in Your School Drop-Off Zone?

A school drop-off zone is supposed to provide an easy and efficient way for parents to drive their children to school and quickly drop them off.  In theory, drop-off zones should work quite well.  The problem comes when you have selfish parents who don’t follow the rules or who claim not to know the rules.... Read more »

Helicopter parenting on steroids: Parents are volunteering at colleges because they just can't let go

Some parents have taken the term “Helicopter Parent” to a whole new level. According to a recent New York Times article, some parents are volunteering at colleges and universities. They are working at college fairs and participating in admission interviews. These parents also help with mailings to potential students. Helicopter parenting has entered a new... Read more »

Parenting: There's An App For That

There really is an app for parenting.  Who knew?  You can now learn how to be a parent on the go with your smart phone.  Apparently, there were some parents who didn’t know how to play with their kids.  They went to google and started talking to other parents about what they did with their... Read more »

Got A Bad Kid? Establishing A Regular Bedtime Might Help

A recent study highlighted in the New York Times suggests that regular bedtimes may be tied to behavior.  The study looked at children ages three, five and seven.  The researchers talked to parents as well as teachers.  According to the study, almost 20 percent of 3-year-olds had no regular bedtime, compared with 9.1 percent of... Read more »

Advice For The Woman Who Called Me The N-Word

To the woman who called me a n*gger on Saturday, I have a little advice for you. I’m not sure how old you are because you shouted your obscenity at me as I was walking into a store. I have three pieces of advice for you. First, don’t have any children. Second, trace your family... Read more »

Advice For 24 Year-Old Me

If I were 24 again, I would tell myself to do a few things differently. First of all, I would have moved out of my parent’s house when I finished collge. Second, I would tell myself to pursue all avenues possible to have a successful career. Third, I would tell myself that it’s not a... Read more »

Do parents value education only to the point at which it is convenient?

Do parents value education only when it’s convenient? A recent Huffington Post article about the longer school day in Chicago, has made me ask this question.  Actually, I have asked myself this question after talking to a lot of parents even before the school day was extended. Over the years I have listened to parents... Read more »

Social Media = No more drive-by parenting: Parents need to be present

No more drive-by parenting.  Parents need to be present and active in their children’s lives.  Social media has created more work for parents.  If you don’t want that extra work, then you should not allow your child to have any social media accounts.  Drive-by parenting allows your children to post inappropriate material on social media... Read more »

Teen Boobs: Why do teens' boobs need to be padded and lifted?

Why do tweens and teens’ boobs need to be padded and lifted? I don’t get it. What are we saying to our daughters as a society when parents can’t find a non-padded bra for their teens? It’s just ridiculous. A twelve year old year old should not be wearing a bra that makes her tiny... Read more »

Parenting: Old School versus New School

There are several schools of parenting but today I’m going to talk about old school versus new school parenting. Family psychologist, John Rosemond wrote an article about how the good ole days made for better parenting.  Let’s compare old school parenting to new school parenting. Old School vs New School 1)    OS:  Kids were allowed... Read more »