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Obama Prep on the North Side: Mayor Emanuel, I want my vote back

Mayor Emanuel has just dictated that there will be another CPS (SEHS) selective enrollment high school.  It will be built on the North Side of Chicago, less than a mile away from another selective enrollment high school.  Hooray for another selective enrollment high school! Hooray for a high school named after President Barack Obama!  What... Read more »

5 New Year's Resolutions for Helicopter and Unparenting Parents

There are helicopter parents and now unparenting parents.  They are the two extreme parenting types.  Helicopter parents hover over their children and think they need to control every aspect of their child’s life. Unparenting parents treat their children like adults and have no boundaries or rules for them. I have come up with possible New... Read more »

Paid to Parent? Only in Chicago!

Mayor Rahm Emanuel has established an interesting relationship with Walgreens. Walgreens drug store will give $25 gift cards to parents at 70 Chicago Public Schools if they come to pick up their child’s report card and attend a parent conference. This program is aimed at targeting schools with low parental involvement. The last time I... Read more »

Are you off your parenting "A" game?

Most parents strive to be a good or even great parent.  Sometimes, things happen that you could not expect or control.  These things can cause you to be off of your “A” game as a parent.  What does being off of your “A” game mean?  I feel that I am off my “A” game when... Read more »

Parents who take their children out of school to go on vacation

There are parents who take their kids out of school to go on vacation.  I’m not talking about having the child skip school on Friday for an extended weekend.  I’m talking about taking a week or two for vacation because one of the parents couldn’t take time off of work during the child’s winter, spring ... Read more »

Parents are responsible for homework, not CPS/Schools

Parents need to take some responsibility for their children’s education.  Some parents expect CPS to do too much with regards to educating their child.  Parents are constantly blaming CPS when children aren’t doing well in school.  Today I will share a few of  what I consider WTF moments regarding homework. There was a discussion about... Read more »