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CPS Levels Playing Field in Testing for SEHS: Nonpublic Schools Angry

CPS has made some changes that have made catholic and private school parents upset.  These changes were long over due.  First, they are making sure that students from these schools do not take their standardized tests multiple times.  Yes, that’s right, some students were taking their standardized tests multiple times and submitting the higher score... Read more »

Rachel Canning, my house, my rules: Spoiled, ungrateful brats can leave with nothing

A New Jersey teen, Rachel Canning is suing her parents for financial support and payment of her high school and future college tuition. She was living with her parents and didn’t want to abide by their rules so she decided to leave. She has been staying with a friend and her family since November. There... Read more »

Education vs Basketball: Basketball trumps education at Curie High School

Curie High School’s basketball team was recently stripped of its Public League Championship title and all of its wins for the 2013-2014 season. Apparently seven of their players have been in eligible to play since the beginning of the school year. Jesse Jackson of the Rainbow PUSH Coalition is pushing to have their championship and... Read more »

No lunch money at Uintah Elementary, no lunch for you

Uintah Elementary is under fire because the cafeteria manger and supervisor took lunch away from approximately forty students and threw them in the trash.  Why you ask? Because the students didn’t have money in their accounts to pay for their lunches. The students went through the lunch line and received their lunches. Once they reached... Read more »

Teacher Christmas gifts, who gets them and what do you give?

Teacher Christmas gifts, who gets them and what do you give?
What do you do about teacher Christmas gifts when your child is in the upper grades? Do you give a gift to every teacher? My child has reading, writing, science, social studies, math, music, art, gym, drama and Chinese. That’s a lot of gifts and I have not included the office staff, security guard or... Read more »

A letter to parents who want their child to go to a CPS selective enrollment high school

Dear Potential CPS SEHS Parent, I am writing to inform you that the CPS selective enrollment high schools (SEHS) are supposed to prepare your children for college. Many of you don’t understand that. College is not easy, it’s a lot of hard work and many of you seem to have forgotten your college years. The... Read more »

Hey Mancow, my kids go to public school and they are NOT stupid, but maybe you are

The radio personality, Mancow announced his departure from Chicago deeming the city “unlivable”.  In the article he  says “The schools are awful. I guess I could have had (my daughters) go to public schools, but I don’t want them to be stupid. I drove past Lincoln Park High School every day, and the kids are... Read more »

Are There Selfish Parents in Your School Drop-Off Zone?

A school drop-off zone is supposed to provide an easy and efficient way for parents to drive their children to school and quickly drop them off.  In theory, drop-off zones should work quite well.  The problem comes when you have selfish parents who don’t follow the rules or who claim not to know the rules.... Read more »

Helicopter parenting on steroids: Parents are volunteering at colleges because they just can't let go

Some parents have taken the term “Helicopter Parent” to a whole new level. According to a recent New York Times article, some parents are volunteering at colleges and universities. They are working at college fairs and participating in admission interviews. These parents also help with mailings to potential students. Helicopter parenting has entered a new... Read more »

Got A Bad Kid? Establishing A Regular Bedtime Might Help

A recent study highlighted in the New York Times suggests that regular bedtimes may be tied to behavior.  The study looked at children ages three, five and seven.  The researchers talked to parents as well as teachers.  According to the study, almost 20 percent of 3-year-olds had no regular bedtime, compared with 9.1 percent of... Read more »