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Obama Prep on the North Side: Mayor Emanuel, I want my vote back

Mayor Emanuel has just dictated that there will be another CPS (SEHS) selective enrollment high school.  It will be built on the North Side of Chicago, less than a mile away from another selective enrollment high school.  Hooray for another selective enrollment high school! Hooray for a high school named after President Barack Obama!  What... Read more »

CPS Levels Playing Field in Testing for SEHS: Nonpublic Schools Angry

CPS has made some changes that have made catholic and private school parents upset.  These changes were long over due.  First, they are making sure that students from these schools do not take their standardized tests multiple times.  Yes, that’s right, some students were taking their standardized tests multiple times and submitting the higher score... Read more »

Education vs Basketball: Basketball trumps education at Curie High School

Curie High School’s basketball team was recently stripped of its Public League Championship title and all of its wins for the 2013-2014 season. Apparently seven of their players have been in eligible to play since the beginning of the school year. Jesse Jackson of the Rainbow PUSH Coalition is pushing to have their championship and... Read more »

A letter to parents who want their child to go to a CPS selective enrollment high school

Dear Potential CPS SEHS Parent, I am writing to inform you that the CPS selective enrollment high schools (SEHS) are supposed to prepare your children for college. Many of you don’t understand that. College is not easy, it’s a lot of hard work and many of you seem to have forgotten your college years. The... Read more »

Hey Mancow, my kids go to public school and they are NOT stupid, but maybe you are

The radio personality, Mancow announced his departure from Chicago deeming the city “unlivable”.  In the article he  says “The schools are awful. I guess I could have had (my daughters) go to public schools, but I don’t want them to be stupid. I drove past Lincoln Park High School every day, and the kids are... Read more »

Do parents value education only to the point at which it is convenient?

Do parents value education only when it’s convenient? A recent Huffington Post article about the longer school day in Chicago, has made me ask this question.  Actually, I have asked myself this question after talking to a lot of parents even before the school day was extended. Over the years I have listened to parents... Read more »

CPS = Cheap Pupil Spending

Cheap pupil spending should be the motto for CPS.  Over the past few (2009-present) years, CPS has had 5 CEOs.  Each CEO has walked onto the job with high hopes of being the one to fix this awful entity and save the children.  While their hearts may have been in the right place, the money... Read more »

Parents don't trust CPS: Shenanigans!

Parents don’t trust CPS because they are always engaging in shenanigans! Pershing West Middle School and Pershing East Elementary School were part of  school closings by CPS.  Pershing West is being closed and the students will attend Pershing East.  Pershing East will become a Pre K thru 8th grade school.  The school will relocate in... Read more »

Brooks vs Payton: Not until Brooks moves to a safer neighborhood

There was to be a baseball game on Saturday night, Brooks vs Payton.  The game was scheduled to be played at Brooks at 7:00pm.  Both schools are among Chicago’s elite selective enrollment high schools that many students would sell their souls to gain admission into.  Brooks College Prep is located on the south side in... Read more »

CPS Selective Enrollment Letters Affect The Lives of Over 14,000 Teens

Last Saturday, 14,393 Chicago and some suburban students waited for their postal carriers to deliver the mail.  The CPS selective enrollment letters were expected to arrive.  According to the website CPS Obsessed, only 30% of the applicants received an offer to a selective enrollment high school.  That is to say that only 4,340 students were... Read more »