Rachel Canning, my house, my rules: Spoiled, ungrateful brats can leave with nothing

A New Jersey teen, Rachel Canning is suing her parents for financial support and payment of her high school and future college tuition. She was living with her parents and didn't want to abide by their rules so she decided to leave. She has been staying with a friend and her family since November. There are conflicting stories as to whether her parents put her out of their home or she left voluntarily.  Rachel claims that she was given the option of dumping her boyfriend or moving out.

It doesn't matter how she came to leave because the facts are that she didn't want to abide by their house rules. Apparently she didn't like her curfew, chores and the fact that her parents wanted her to give up her boyfriend who they deemed to to be a bad influence.

Her parents stopped paying her private school tuition when she left their home. She is now suing them in an effort to require them to pay her child support and for her to finish high school and to go to college. WTF?

The parents say that they love their daughter and miss her. According to her parents, she is spoiled and didn't want to abide by their rules. She decided to leave because she didn't like their rules.

I would like to give these parents a big high five! I would have cut her off financially as well. She clearly didn't realize just how good a life she had until she left.

I have always told my children that if they get mad enough to walk out of my house, they can only take what they actually purchased. That means that they must leave everything their father and I have EVER bought for them.

If you want to act grown and leave my house, make sure you can make on your own. Clearly this young lady was having a problem making it on her own because she is suing her parents for financial support and education costs.

The parents that took this child into their home are making this situation worse. Everyone has their own style of parenting and we should all be respectful of that even if we don't agree. The parents should have been trying to facilitate a way for this girl to return home.

As soon as she arrived on their door step, they should have called her parents. Where is the mutual respect and common courtesy among parents? There should have been a set date established when they would return her to her parents. Maybe everyone needed a couple of days to calm down.  Instead, they are funding her lawsuit to sue her parents for support.

A judge has denied her request for weekly child support for $650 and payment of her private high school tuition. It will  be decided at a later date as to whether or not the parents will have to pay for her college tuition.

Parenting is hard enough without someone else being counter productive to what you are trying to accomplish with your children.


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