Education vs Basketball: Basketball trumps education at Curie High School

Curie High School's basketball team was recently stripped of its Public League Championship title and all of its wins for the 2013-2014 season. Apparently seven of their players have been in eligible to play since the beginning of the school year.

Jesse Jackson of the Rainbow PUSH Coalition is pushing to have their championship and their wins reinstated. Does he think that the grade point average requirement in order to play sports, only applies to other students?

The students, parents, teachers and coaches all knew that the students needed to have a 2.0 grade point average to play. If students had less than a 2.0 grade point average, they could play if they had an individual study plan in place.

I personally don't understand why the grade point average requirement is so low. I think that students should earn the right to play a sport by being a good student. Being on the borderline between a "C" and a "D" is not being a good student.

According to the Tribune, "The parents and other supporters believe the sanctions are punishing the students when adults really are at fault, said community organizer Marcus Betts, a Curie supporter who attended Saturday's meeting at Rainbow PUSH Coalition headquarters."

To argue that it's the adults fault and that the students are being punished for no reason, is just ridiculous! Every student is made aware of the academic requirements for playing sports.  These students are old enough to know that their grades were not high enough for them to play.  These students, teachers, parents and coaches had a choice and they all made the wrong choice and now they are paying for the choice that they made.

Here is story about character and making the right choice:

Several years ago a group of eighth grade students were give a practice test for the ISATs. When they were taking the actual test, they realized that it was the exact same test as the practice test they had been given the week before.

These thirteen and fourteen year olds told another teacher because it was wrong. These kids had an opportunity to have some great ISAT scores but they did the right thing.

The students at Curie are cheaters and should be treated as such. The coach is a cheater as well and he should not only be suspended, but he should be fired. This should be a lesson about character, responsibility and accountability, but instead it's a lesson in finger pointing and blame.  The adults are teaching these students that they don't have to be accountable for their actions and you can always put the blame elsewhere.

It sickens me that everyone seems to be rallying around these players who cheated.  When did education take a back seat to sports?  Instead of rallying to get an unearned sports championship reinstated, Jesse Jackson should be rallying to get tutors to come to Curie High School to help these students improve their grades.

There are a lot of people at fault here.  Everyone must own their part in this situation.  Education should be the driving factor in this story, not an unearned basketball title.


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