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CPS Levels Playing Field in Testing for SEHS: Nonpublic Schools Angry

CPS has made some changes that have made catholic and private school parents upset.  These changes were long over due.  First, they are making sure that students from these schools do not take their standardized tests multiple times.  Yes, that’s right, some students were taking their standardized tests multiple times and submitting the higher score... Read more »

Rachel Canning, my house, my rules: Spoiled, ungrateful brats can leave with nothing

A New Jersey teen, Rachel Canning is suing her parents for financial support and payment of her high school and future college tuition. She was living with her parents and didn’t want to abide by their rules so she decided to leave. She has been staying with a friend and her family since November. There... Read more »

Education vs Basketball: Basketball trumps education at Curie High School

Curie High School’s basketball team was recently stripped of its Public League Championship title and all of its wins for the 2013-2014 season. Apparently seven of their players have been in eligible to play since the beginning of the school year. Jesse Jackson of the Rainbow PUSH Coalition is pushing to have their championship and... Read more »