No lunch money at Uintah Elementary, no lunch for you

Uintah Elementary is under fire because the cafeteria manger and supervisor took lunch away from approximately forty students and threw them in the trash.  Why you ask? Because the students didn't have money in their accounts to pay for their lunches.

The students went through the lunch line and received their lunches. Once they reached the pay station, their lunches were seized and thrown out. They were then given some fruit and milk.

School officials claim that parents were contacted by phone, the day before the incident and informed of delinquent balances in the student's lunch accounts. Are they even sure that the parents received the notifications? One parent told CNN that she had not received any such notice about a delinquent balance in her child's lunch account.

School lunches are not that expensive that children have to be denied a lunch because they don't have lunch money. I'm sure the school could have covered the fees and gotten reimbursed at a later date. The embarrassment and humiliation that was inflicted upon these children is just disgusting.

A homeowner can live in their home for months without paying their mortgage before the bank forecloses on their home. The bank is out of a lot more than a few dollars.  This school gave parents a one day notice before their children's lunches were seized.

What were these adults thinking? My guess is that they weren't thinking at all. These kids had to be hungry after only consuming a piece of fruit and some milk. I'm sure that they did not have a very productive afternoon. Who can learn anything right after you have been embarrassed, humiliated and practically starved?

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