Trying hard not to be a dream killer

As a parent it is my job to want to provide the best guidance that I know how to my children. My daughter wants to be a fashion designer. This is a very tough and competitive field. There are very few people who make a good living as a fashion designer. We are not wealthy but my children live a very good life. I'm sure that my children want to have the same or a better life style than the one that has been provided for them.

With the high costs of college, its important to choose a major of study that will yield a good income. Let's face it, its not worth spending over one hundred thousand dollars on a college degree and you end up with an assistant manager job at the Gap or Old Navy. I want more for my child.

She is very passionate about becoming a fashion designer. This has been her dream since she was five years old.  My husband and I have tried to support her in many ways. She has taken classes at the Art Institute of Chicago and she has been to fashion shows in Paris, France. I am not a dream killer.

I have spent the past year researching the best colleges for fashion design majors across the globe. I believe that if she is going to have a chance at making it in fashion design she has to have a great start by attending a great school. That means she may be leaving the country and flying across the globe for college. She is excited at the prospect of studying abroad.

I try hard everyday not to dwell on what the future may hold for my daughter. My goal is to give her every advantage to put her on the path to succeed in achieving her dreams. It's hard because in my mind I don't see this working out for her. It's not that she is not talented. Her portfolio has been reviewed by recruiters from one of the schools in London that she wants to attend.

Even with the positive feedback from the recruiter, I am still worried about what the future may hold for my daughter. She is a very talented writer. She could work for a magazine, a newspaper, a publisher or even become a best selling author. Writing is not her passion. I am not a dream killer.

Every time she gets excited about a new sketch, I am very excited and supportive. Inside, my heart aches. I don't want her to be disappointed if she doesn't succeed. I live with the uneasy feeling you get when you see your child making a bad decision and you want to stop them but you know that they need to learn a lesson.  I'm trying really hard not to be a dream killer.


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