Are There Selfish Parents in Your School Drop-Off Zone?

A school drop-off zone is supposed to provide an easy and efficient way for parents to drive their children to school and quickly drop them off.  In theory, drop-off zones should work quite well.  The problem comes when you have selfish parents who don't follow the rules or who claim not to know the rules.

I think that city schools need to have effcient drop-off zones more than anyone else because you have more parents drivng from various neighborhoods to a particular school.  In many suburban schools, the children are bused or the parents are coming from a short distance to the school.

We have two drop-off zones at my child's school. There is one at the far end of the block for the pre-school children.  The pre-school parents are required to enter the building and sign their child in for school, so they are allowed to park their cars.  The other drop-off zone is near the main entrance to the school.

The general drop-off zone is for parents to drop-off their children and keep moving.  The parents should not be exiting their cars. The children should not be retreiving backpacks form the trunk.  The children should not be standing outside of the car having a conversation with their parent.

For those of you who don't understand or choose to be ignorant to the rules, here are a few do's and don'ts for the school drop-off zone.


1) Drive up and shift your car into park.

2) Make sure your child's backpack is in the car with your child.

3) Quickly kiss your child and say goodbye as soon as you shift your car into park.

4) Drive away when your child closes the car door and steps away from the car.



1) Talk on your phone while your child is exiting your car.

2) Get out of your car to retreive your child's backpack from the trunk.

3) Have a conversation with your child after you have stopped in the drop-off zone.

4) Get out of the car to help your child get out.

5) Walk your child into the school.

6) Talk to other parents while in the drop-off zone.

7) Let your child out of the car in the middle of the street.

The rules are pretty simple, you drive up, put your car in park, kiss your child, tell him/her to have a great day, your child exits the car and closes the door and you drive off. If you want to knock a few seconds off of your drop-off time, you can kiss your child goodbye at home. Ideally, your drop-off can take around thirty seconds or less if you only have one child. The drop-off line should move quickly.

Unfortunately, everyday, there is at least one jackass who has to go in the trunk or talk to their kid while the rest of us wait in traffic to drop off our children. Are you the jackass that I speak of? When you take additional time in the school drop-off zone, you are creating a traffic jam. You know those pesky things that you hate because they make you late for work sometimes. You are the one who is creating a traffic jam because you are selfish.  Please be considerate of others and obey the school drop-off zone rules.


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