Hey Mancow, my kids go to public school and they are NOT stupid, but maybe you are

The radio personality, Mancow announced his departure from Chicago deeming the city "unlivable".  In the article he  says "The schools are awful. I guess I could have had (my daughters) go to public schools, but I don't want them to be stupid. I drove past Lincoln Park High School every day, and the kids are cursing and yelling and have their hands down each other's pants".

Where do I began to address this ignorance?  First of all, if sending a child to public school makes them stupid, what does that say about the parent who is the child's first teacher? So Mancow thinks that the public schools in Chicago can take his brillant children and make them stupid just by showing up.

How stupid is Mancow if he thinks that suburban teenagers don't yell, curse and fondle one another?  I would say that he is very stupid.  Suburban teenagers are no different than city teenagers.  City and suburban teenagers alike will, curse, yell, have sex, drink and do drugs. Last year, Stevensen High School (one of the best schools in the state) in Lincolnshire was all over the news because of it's student drug problem.  I know this is hard for you to believe, Mancow but there were suburban students selling drugs and the suburban students were buying them and using them.

Chicago public schools have their challenges but they also have some of the best schools in the country.  Governor candidate, Bruce Rauner loved a Chicago Public School so much that he used his Chicago address instead of his Winnetka address to help his daughter gain entrance to a selective enrollment school.  When she didn't score high enough to get in, he used his clout with Arne Duncan to get her admitted.

Mancow has offended every student, teacher, administrator and parent in Chicago.  All of these people work hard everyday to educate the children in Chicago.  There are some challenges, ok there are severe challenges but they don't warrant anyone calling public school students, stupid.

For Mancow to make a blanket derogatory statement about public schools and their students is appalling. Maybe if parents like Mancow would invest their time and money in their neighborhood public school, like some of us, the schools would be better. Actually, we can do without the likes of Mancow and his children in our schools.

My children (ages 13 and 15) attend public schools in Chicago and when they were each in seventh grade, they out scored the average high school junior on the ACT test. I wouldn't think that was possible for a stupid public school student. My children were incensed when I told them about your comments. You have provided me with the opportunity for another life lesson with my children. It is a lesson about elitism. You clearly think that you and your children are better than public school families.

The students, teachers, parents and administrators are due an apology for your poor choice of words. I think that the Lincoln Park High School family is entitled to a special apology. Good luck in your suburban or private school where your children are guaranteed to be safe from yelling, cursing, fondling, sex, alcohol, weapons, drugs and stupid public school children.


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