Is your child allowed to be disrespectful?

Is your child allowed to be disrespectful? The answer to this question for any parent is "absolutely not".  We can all agree that children should never be allowed to be disrespectful but what does being disrespectful mean?  There was a quote that was posted on Facebook a few weeks ago that inspired this blog post. "A child who is allowed to be disrespectful to his parents  will not have respect for anyone.


What do you consider to be disrespectful behavior? Here are ten things that I believe, make a child disrespectful.

1. Not doing what they are told to do by their parents.

2. Talking back or mumbling under their breath to their parents.

3. Yelling at their parents.

4. Hitting their parents.

5. Throwing things at their parents.

6. Cursing at their parents.

7. Lying to their parents.

8. Stealing from their parents.

9. Rolling their eyes or sticking their tongue out at their parents.

10. Telling their parents that they hate them.

Some people call me a hard ass and I'm ok with that title. It makes my whole body cringe when I hear parents tell me that their children yelled at them and called them names.  I have even seen children hit their parents.  I find it sad that there is no discussion about punnishment for the bad behavior.  It just seems to be accepted by the parents as a natural occurence that they have to deal with as parents.

When you have disrespectful children, you are breeding disrespectful adults.  Think about the ten things listed above.  If children are allowed to do these things to their parents, they will continue to do them to other people.  Have you ever had a boss or co-worker that yelled at you?  Odds are good that person was allowed to behave in that manner for a really long time without any consequences.

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