Teen Boobs: Why do teens' boobs need to be padded and lifted?

Why do tweens and teens' boobs need to be padded and lifted? I don't get it. What are we saying to our daughters as a society when parents can't find a non-padded bra for their teens? It's just ridiculous.

A twelve year old year old should not be wearing a bra that makes her tiny boobs look bigger. Just as a fifteen year old should not be wearing a bra that lifts her boobs to make it look like she has cleavage.

Teenagers should not look voluptuous. They should look like teenage girls, not grown women. For some reason society is trying to dictate the perfect breast size. I'm not sure what that size is, but there are plenty of women trying to get to that size. Some bras have so much padding, that when removed, the size of the boobs look completely different.

I realize that teens are concerned about their nipples being perky. Apparently, (according to some teens), you look like a slut when your nipples are perky and visible through your bra. Years ago, bras were made with extra layers of fabric for this reason, but not thick padding.

We should be teaching our daughters to be happy with their bodies and not trying to teach them to be something that they are not. Most young girls don't have big boobs. Shame on all of these companies that are producing bras that make young girls' boobs look bigger. It makes me wonder if it's a bunch of dirty old men making the decision to produce padded and lifting bras for teens. Maybe it's a bunch of insecure women who are making the decision to make these bras.

I don't believe that at a time when our daughters are self conscious about their body image, that we are helping them by giving them bras that make their breasts appear bigger. Every time we buy our daughters bras that enhance their boobs, we are telling them that their boobs are too small and that they need to be bigger. Is that really the message that we should be sending to our daughters?  Please vote in the poll below, no sign-in required.


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