Should teens get a pass on their behavior when they have their period?

Should teens get a pass on their behavior when it's that time of the month?  I have had several parents make excuses for their daughter's behavior when they are on their period.  My daughter and her friend had some unpleasant words and the friend's mother called me about the incident.  I don't believe in getting into situations (unless something serious has happened) like this because children need to learn to solve their own problems with their peers.

After talking to my daughter, I felt as though they were both wrong and should apologize to one another.  I called the mother back and explained that my daughter was reacting to something her daughter said first.  Her response was that her daughter had her period and that's why she acted in that manner.

I told her that women have been having their periods since the beginning of time and they still need to be held accountable for their actions.  If your teen is rude and disrespectful, don't just accept the behavior.  They need to understand that their behavior is hurtful.  Make them apologize.  If you don't, they will continue to expect others to excuse their bad behavior.

We all have had bad days for various reasons.  There have been times where we have lashed out at people because we were having a bad day.  If you are a good person, you went to that person and apologized for your behavior.  Bad behavior due to your period is no different.

I have told my daughter that if she is feeling crappy that she should keep to herself during that time, with the exception of family meals.  She knows that if she starts acting crazy (my term) that she needs to apologize.  I tell her that I understand how she feels because all women have periods, however she still needs to be accountable for her actions.

I think that part of the problem with teens today is that we coddle them too much.  Any kind of pain or discomfort they have experienced in life, we have tried to soothe it, instead of letting them tough it out.  Years ago we didn't have the luxury of medicine for PMS.  These kids don't know how good they have it.

Women will have their menstruation cycle until around the age of  45 or 50.  That's a really long time to be putting up with someone's crappy attitude.  So let's figure out how to help our daughters cope with the awful curse that comes with womanhood, without alienating people with their rude behavior.  Parents, be sure to talk your teen about eating a balanced diet and exercise.  Even though it's difficult, teens should avoid salt, sugar and caffeine.  Avoiding these things can sometimes minimize the moodiness in our teens.  Obviously, if your teen is experiencing some dramatic personality changes and severe cramps, you should have her evaluated by a doctor.

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