Parenting: Old School versus New School

There are several schools of parenting but today I'm going to talk about old school versus new school parenting. Family psychologist, John Rosemond wrote an article about how the good ole days made for better parenting.  Let's compare old school parenting to new school parenting.

Old School vs New School

1)    OS:  Kids were allowed to play and entertain themselves.

NS:  Parents want to show their kids how to play.

2)    OS:  Kids were responsible for working out their issues with their friends.

NS:  Parents call the other parents and want to have a discussion about what took place.

3)    OS:  Parents were never concerned about their child's self esteem.

NS:  Parents want to make sure that the child's self esteem is high and intact at all times.

4)    OS:  Parents allowed their children to do their own homework and only helped if the child had a question.

NS:  Parents want to watch the child do the homework and make sure that every answer is correct.

5)    OS:  Parents believed that children should be "seen and not heard". Children didn't have an opinion.

NS:  Parents want to know what their child thinks and feels about everything.

6)    OS:  If a child made a mistake, it was his/her responsibility to make amends and fix it.

NS:  Parents will swoop in to fix their child's mistakes so that he/she doesn't suffer the consequences.

7)    OS:  Parents fixed "one" dinner and the child ate what was on the plate.

NS:  Parents fix whatever the children like, even if it means multiple meals.

8)     OS:  Parents do not hesitate to discipline their child if it is warranted.

NS: Parents don't want to discipline their child because they don't want them to be unhappy.

9)     OS:  Parents don't have a problem using the word 'NO".

NS:  Parents try not to say no, instead they say "maybe that's not a good idea".

10)  OS:  Parents focused on their marriage more than their children.  Saturday night was date night, every week.

NS:  Parents are so focused on the kids that they don't spend enough time together.

I consider myself an "Old School" parent, but I must admit, I was (until recently) guilty of at least one of the actions listed for "New School" parents.  This is very short list.  I could go on and on about the differences in parenting styles.  Everyone has to parent in a way that works for them. Just make sure that the child you are raising can be a successful, productive, self thinking, independent, confident member of society with high morals and values.

What is your parenting style? Old School or New School.  Please vote in the poll below, no sign-in required.


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