Don Lemon calls out the black community: Black parents, are you listening?

CNN's Don Lemon, called out the black community recently on his show. He started by saying that he agreed with some remarks that were recently stated by Bill O'Reilly.  Don stated that Bill didn't go far enough with his remarks. Take a few minutes and watch the entire video clip of Don Lemon's remarks and his suggestions on how to improve the black community.

Here are the five things that Don has suggested that black people do:

5. Pull up your pants.

4. Stop using the "N-word".

3. Respect where you live.

2. Finish school.

1. Stop having babies out of wedlock.

I think that anyone who walks around with their pants hanging off of their butt is disgusting! I think that the saggy pants is one of the reasons that there are more shootings in black communities. You can't possibly fight or run from an altercation if your pants are practically at your knees. Shooting is a fast way to end an altercation without walking away or having an old fashioned fist fight.

The "N-word" should not be used by anyone.  Black people don't get to have a monopoly on the "N-word". That word has a lot of power but it's negative power.  It has the power to do a lot of damage.  It has the power to ruin a child's self esteem and the power to cause emotional harm to adults.  The celebrities that have "taken the power" from the word would know that the power still exists if are called the "N-word" while negotiating their next big contract.

Having respect for your home whether you own or rent it, is just common sense.  The same goes for your street and your neighborhood because you live there.  I have experienced first hand someone throwing out their trash in front of my home.  I politely asked the young man if he needed a trash can to dispose of his garbage.  He picked it up and apologized.

I'm not exactly sure when it happened but a lot of black people stopped valuing education.  I have witnessed parents who bring their kids to school late everyday.  There are parents who let their kids stay home because they forgot to wash their clothes.  Hell, years ago some people would go to school without shoes. Speaking proper english in some black communities is equal to being white.  Let's not forget the kids who are wearing $150-$200 gym shoes but they don't have school supplies or the proper school uniform.  I once heard about a preschool parent who complained when the teacher asked her to help her child learn her letters.

Blacks have more children born out of wedlock than any other ethnic group.  A staggering 72% of black children are born out of wedlock.  Take a minute and think about that figure.  If 72% of black children are born to single mothers, how many children are living in single parent homes when you factor in divorce?  The family structure has a huge bearing on a child's life.

I believe that black people need to stop making excuses for the choices that they make in life.  Our parents and grandparents had a tough time in life.  They would gladly give up the life they had in exchange for ours.  These five things have nothing to do with white people and everything to do with how black people behave.  Black people have a choice in how they behave and there are consequences for their choices.

If you choose to wear your pants hanging off of your butt to a job interview, you are probably not going to get that job. If you choose not to go to school you will not get a good job. If you choose to call your child the "N-word" odds are he/she will have low self esteem. If you choose to have a baby without being married and financially secure,  you and your child will be living in poverty.

Don Lemon was right and so was Bill O'Reilly.  It shouldn't take two TV personalities to sum up what is going on in the black community.  These five things could be handled and improve the community if black parents would raise their children properly.  This post is not directed at all black people.

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