Best Date Night in Chicago: Chicago Jazz Club Tour

A great date night in Chicago is the Chicago Jazz Club Tour.  The tour is held on a Wednesday before the Chicago Jazz Festival starts.  Adults take a tour of various participating Jazz Clubs throughout Chicago via trolley.  There is a one-time fee for a commemorative button which serves as your ticket to each club.

Why is this a great date night event?  Chicago is the most amazing city, jazz is the the absolute best genre of music and you can spend the tour with the one you love.  You have the opportunity to listen to all types of jazz in one evening.  If one club is playing big band jazz and you are not in the mood for that, just hop on the next trolley.  The trolleys take you to and from the various clubs all evening.  Most of the clubs serve food so you can have dinner while listening to jazz or if you have a favorite restaurant, you can have dinner before the tour begins.

Parents need date nights.  Let me say that again.  Parents need date nights. Just because you become parents doesn't mean that you leave your pre-child relationship behind.  You and your spouse are still in a relationship and that relationship needs to be nurtured.  I personally believe that it needs to be nurtured even more after you have children.

Having children adds a certain level of stress to your relationship.  Anyone who claims that they have not had any stress in their marriage as a result of having children is lying!  Once you have a child, you now have two people trying negotiate how to steer this new life they are responsible for.

Date nights foster a healthy relationship and that leads to more stability in a family. I realize that times are tough financially for some and it may be difficult to afford a babysitter.  If you know other couples with children, offer to swap babysitting services.  If you do this, you don't have to pay for a sitter, you just return the favor .

You don't have to spend a lot of money to have a date night.  A date night can be spent staying at home alone and watching a movie, going for a walk, going to dinner or to a jazz club.

Speaking of jazz, the 2013 Chicago Jazz Club Tour takes place on Wednesday, August, 28th.  Take the next few weeks to save up some cash for a babysitter and your tickets.  I promise that you and your honey will have a great evening.  Just remember that being parents doesn't mean you can't date anymore.

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