Kim Kardashian: 9 Tips To Help The New Mom

Kim Kardashian had a baby.  Is this the same person who couldn't commit to being married for more than 72 days?  What kind of mother will Kim be?  I'm not sure but I took the liberty to come  with 9 tips to help her begin her motherhood journey.

  1. Don't sell your baby's first photos to the highest bidder.  It seems like you are whoring out your kid.
  2. Breastfeed your baby for as long as possible, preferably longer than 72 days.
  3. Don't give your baby some f*cked name.  Oops, too late!
  4. Take care of your own baby, don't make the nanny change all of the diapers.
  5. Make Kanye change diapers and feed the baby.
  6. Read to your baby everyday.
  7. This child is your responsibility until it becomes an adult and that doesn't happen after 72 days.
  8. Don't miss out on important moments because you are working, you can afford not to work so much.
  9. Tell your baby that you love her everyday.

I hope that Kim enjoys her baby and realizes that she is a gift.  She should keep her out of the spot light as much as possible.  Kim is just like anyone else in that she has made mistakes.  I truly hope that she has learned from her mistakes and makes raising her new bundle of joy a priority in her life.  A new baby can change your entire outlook on life.  Parents should always embrace this change.  A new baby should change your priorities and you will be tempted to resist this change.  Parenting is hard work so just be prepared for the toughest job you've ever had.

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