CPS = Cheap Pupil Spending

Cheap pupil spending should be the motto for CPS.  Over the past few (2009-present) years, CPS has had 5 CEOs.  Each CEO has walked onto the job with high hopes of being the one to fix this awful entity and save the children.  While their hearts may have been in the right place, the money that was spent attempting to fulfill their vision has stripped the schools of much needed cash.

Each CEO comes in with a "great plan" and plans cost money.  The problem is that none of the CEOs stayed around long enough to complete their plan.  The next CEO comes in and throws out the previous person's plan and starts to implement his/her own plan, spending even more money.  Another issue is the high ranking staff that comes and goes with each CEO.  There are very few people with historical knowledge in power to make decisions.  Historical knowledge might have prevented the latest idiotic move by CPS.

I can respect a person's plan as long as it is a well thought out plan.  Let's take this new budget plan for an example.  CPS has decided to change to per pupil funding for schools' budgets.  This might have been a good idea if they had a well thought out plan.  Anytime an organization wants to change from one budgeting plan to another, they should look at both plans simultaneously to make sure that the new plan actually works.  They should have issued a regular budget this year and at the same time, created a budget based on per pupil funding offline and issued both to schools.  The principals should have been given the summer to review the per pupil budget and work with the budget department to come up with a compromise that met the needs of their school.

Mayor, Rahm Emanuel and CEO, Barbara Byrd Bennett, both have stated that they don't want cuts to affect the classroom.  If this is true, then why the f*ck did every school lose hundreds of thousands of dollars?  I want them to explain to me how losing this amount of money is not going to affect the classroom.  The first issue is seasoned teachers.  Seasoned teachers are more expensive because they have been teaching a long time.  The second issue is  the title I funds that schools received to help with low income students.

This per pupil funding is really penalizing schools with seasoned teachers and schools with low income students.  Chicago has the best schools and the worst schools and with this per pupil funding, we will no longer have the best schools.  We also won't be able to improve our worst schools.  Most of your high performing schools have seasoned teachers who are tenured.  This new funding will cause schools to cut teaching positions and increase class sizes.  Many schools with low income students will have to cut programs that help disadvantaged students.  CPS seems to be spending more money on other things and less on the very students they are supposed to be serving. Thanks CPS for making sure that the cuts don't affect the classroom.

According to WBEZ, the per pupil funding for CPS is lower than what charter schools received last year.

"CPS spokeswoman Becky Carroll said the per pupil rates for next year will be $4,429 per student in kindergarten through third grade, $4,140 per student in 4th through 8th grade, and $5,029 per student in high school.

Carroll did not immediately know if charter schools, which have long complained about being funded inequitably, will be getting the same amounts as district-run schools.  The new rates are significantly lower than charters’ previous per pupil rates of $6,070 per elementary student and $7,587 per high school student."

Maybe if CPS would stop funding the under performing charter schools, they could give some money back to their own schools.  Can someone please use a little common sense?  How does CPS plan to help our children get a better education if they are sucking money out of the classroom? We couldn't compete with suburban schools who were spending 10k to 25k per pupil, now the spending gap is even farther apart.  How are our students supposed to compete in the global society without an adequate education?  The schools were already being asked to do more with less, now they are being asked to do more with almost nothing!


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