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Kim Kardashian: 9 Tips To Help The New Mom

Kim Kardashian had a baby.  Is this the same person who couldn’t commit to being married for more than 72 days?  What kind of mother will Kim be?  I’m not sure but I took the liberty to come  with 9 tips to help her begin her motherhood journey. Don’t sell your baby’s first photos to... Read more »

CPS = Cheap Pupil Spending

Cheap pupil spending should be the motto for CPS.  Over the past few (2009-present) years, CPS has had 5 CEOs.  Each CEO has walked onto the job with high hopes of being the one to fix this awful entity and save the children.  While their hearts may have been in the right place, the money... Read more »

Father's Day Part 3: A Letter to the fathers of the 72% of black children born to single mothers

Dear Black Fathers, 72% of your black children were born to single mothers. It’s Father’s Day and I can’t help but wonder, how many of you fathers are active in your children’s lives. Here are a few things that I want you to think about on Father’s Day: Your child is more likely to get... Read more »

Father's Day Part 2: A Letter To My Husband

Dear Husband, Thank you for being such a wonderful dad to our children. You have been an amazing father! Our daughters will demand respect and love from the men that enter their lives because you taught them how to give and receive love and respect. I love that there are things that you share and... Read more »

Father's Day Part 1: A letter to my father

Dear Dad, Thank you for being a wonderful father. Somehow you provided for six children and a wife with a modest income. You worked hard to make us feel loved and secure. Your dedication to your family was unrelenting. Working one job was no sweat for you so you took on a second and a... Read more »

Parents don't trust CPS: Shenanigans!

Parents don’t trust CPS because they are always engaging in shenanigans! Pershing West Middle School and Pershing East Elementary School were part of  school closings by CPS.  Pershing West is being closed and the students will attend Pershing East.  Pershing East will become a Pre K thru 8th grade school.  The school will relocate in... Read more »

Parents fined for kid's bullying: Stop raising bad kids or you WILL pay!

A Wisconsin suburb has passed a new ordinance that states that parents are fined for kid’s bullying. Parents are responsible for their kids so I don’t think that this is a bad idea. This ordinance is aimed at the parents of children who have bullied others on multiple occasions.  If parents attempt to address their... Read more »