5 Reasons Mothers Deserve Respect, Peace And Nice Gifts on Mother's Day


1. Mother's give birth.  No explanation needed.

2. Mothers endure vomit and poop. Kids vomit and or poop on their mother's throughout their lives and we just take it in stride.

3. Mother's don't get sick days. No one takes a day off to take care of Moms when they are sick. Ok, that happened to me once. Thanks honey!

4. Mother's deal with the terrible 2's and the teenage years. These two times in a child's life can literally drive a woman mad!

5. Mother's take a third seat behind their children, then their husbands. On Mother's Day, they should come first!

All mothers deserve respect, peace and nice gifts on Mother's Day! Adoptive mothers are not excluded from the first item on the list because even though they didn't give birth, they endured a lot to adopt their child. Mothers are the backbone and the foundations of families.  We give of ourselves tirelessly and we sometimes suffer for it physically, so today is a day to be selfish.  Make today a "Me" day!

Tell your kids to pretend that they like each other today.  There should be no fighting or arguing on Mother's Day.  Tell your husband to sit through the commercials while you watch television.  No channel surfing on Mother's Day.  If your family is cooking you dinner, tell them that they should cook what you like to eat.  Remember ladies, you come first today!  Why isn't everyday, Mother's Day?

Happy Mother's Day to all of my readers!

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