Should parents serve detention when they bring their child to school late?

Should parents served detention when they bring their child to school late? Whose fault is it when the child arrives at school late?  Was the child moving too slow in the morning or  did the parent over sleep?  Does it matter?  I think it does matter and the person who is responsible for being late should suffer the consequences.

You could argue that the parent is ultimately responsible for the child being late if they take the child to school.  The parent should be able to get the child up and moving in the morning.  If the child is slow poking along, the parent needs to light a fire under their butt and get the child moving.  The parent may wake up late and therefore, they are directly responsible for the child being late. Obviously, there are things that happen that are out of anyone's control such as a traffic accident or someone falling ill in the morning.

I think that there should be some consequences for the parents that are dictated by the school and agreed to by the parents.  If the parents can sign off on agreeing to their child being forced to stay after school for detention, they can agree to a punishment for themselves.  What should a parent's punishment be for getting their child to school late?  Let's look at what may happen when a child enters the classroom late.

  1. The child is embarrassed because the other children stare at them when they enter the classroom.
  2. The teacher may stop teaching to let the child get settled into their seat.
  3. The other students may stop listening to the teacher to watch the child entering the classroom.
  4. The child has missed out on some his/her education.

So by getting your child to school late, you have cheated your child and others out of part of their education.  With our lovely education system here in the United States, every minute of instruction is important.

Maybe the parent should serve the detention with or instead of the child.  I think that every teacher could use some extra hands so maybe the parent should have to do some prep work for the teacher.  The parent could make copies, put up a bulletin board, organize the classroom library or bring snacks for the class.  The parent should also apologize to the entire class for the rude interruption.  A fine may be another option for parents who bring their children to school late.  If a child is late, the school policy should state that the child or the parent must serve the detention.

If your child is driven or walked to school by you, nine times out of ten it's probably your fault that your child is late for school.  Why should your five or six year old have to walk the walk of shame to detention because you the adult didn't manage your time properly?  Am I crazy?  What do you think?


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