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Brooks vs Payton: Not until Brooks moves to a safer neighborhood

There was to be a baseball game on Saturday night, Brooks vs Payton.  The game was scheduled to be played at Brooks at 7:00pm.  Both schools are among Chicago’s elite selective enrollment high schools that many students would sell their souls to gain admission into.  Brooks College Prep is located on the south side in... Read more »

Toddlers + iPads = Therapy?

Does giving a toddler an iPad lead to the child requiring therapy?  Some doctors in the UK claimed to have experienced such a phenomenon.  A clinic in London treats people who are addicted to technology.  The clinic’s youngest patient is a four year old girl. According to the Telegraph website, her parents enrolled her for... Read more »

Should parents serve detention when they bring their child to school late?

Should parents served detention when they bring their child to school late? Whose fault is it when the child arrives at school late?  Was the child moving too slow in the morning or  did the parent over sleep?  Does it matter?  I think it does matter and the person who is responsible for being late... Read more »

Sharing in preschool? Nope, not required

A mommy blogger has written about her child’s preschool policy on sharing in preschool.  Apparently, the preschool thinks that teaching children to share will lead to entitled adults.  I think that they are looking at this situation incorrectly.  Here are two examples that she gave to make her point: Example 1 She and her almost-two-year-old... Read more »

12 Ways to know that you really love your kid

Parents feel love for their children before they are even born.  Most parents will say that they never realized that they could love someone so much before having their children.  You know you really love your child: When your teen gets dumped by a boy or girl friend and you refrain from saying what you... Read more »

Dodgeball is out! What's next on the fun killers' list?

New Hampshire school district has banned dodgeball in it’s schools due to it’s violent nature. The school board attributed their decision to the Sandy Hook tragedy. I don’t even know how they can talk about dodgeball and the Sandy Hook tragedy in the same conversation. Dodgeball is considered a human target game by the New... Read more »

The Teenage Weight Issue: Overweight to Underweight to Self Image

The teenage weight issue is very scary.  While we as a society are so concerned about childhood obesity, I have recently encountered the disturbing issue of teens who are watching their weight too closely.  I was a volunteer selling popcorn at a high school.  I lost count of the number of girls that walked up... Read more »