Strippers At A Teenage Birthday Party: Happy 16th Birthday Son!

There were strippers at a teenage birthday party in South Glen Falls, NY.  The teenager was celebrating his 16th birthday at a local bowling alley with approximately 80 guests.  Some of the guests were as young as 14-years old.  Strippers are for adult males and females, not children.  A 16-year old is still a child.  I understand that it can be difficult to find suitable entertainment for a 16-year old's birthday party but strippers are not a viable option.  The party was at a bowling alley and I would think that bowling was enough to keep everyone entertained and they usually have music playing.

What was this 33-year old mother thinking?  Umm, she wasn't and that's the problem!  People always get mad at me when I talk about teenage parents not being able to properly parent.  Here is another example of why I stand by my statements.  This mother is 33-years old and she does not know that she should not hire strippers for a 16-year old's birthday party.  Clearly, she missed out on her stripper days when she became a mom.  According to CNN, photos have surfaced of the mother receiving a lap dance from one of the strippers.  How many people would be comfortable receiving a lap dance from a stripper in the presence of their child?  Was it her plan to share the strippers with her son for his birthday?  She wanted to enjoy her son's birthday party just as much as he did.  The situation may not have been as bad if she had the good sense to instruct the strippers to only entertain her son.  The strippers were touching and giving lap dances to other peoples children.

The mother has been arrested but, I have found no information regarding the strippers who performed the sexual acts.  The owner of the stripping company was quoted as saying "A lot of bad decisions were made".  Is that all he can say?  These strippers should have realized that the party guests were under aged.  I think that they should be charged with crimes just like the mother.  They touched children in a very sexual way and they should have the book thrown at them!

She will probably not get any jail time.  This mother should be required to do community service working with and caring for children.  She needs to learn how to properly take care of a child.


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