5 Reasons To Hug Your Teen (including boys)

There are many reasons to hug your teen, but here are 5 reasons to hug your teen.  This includes the boys as well. Teenagers are interesting beings.  They are on an emotional roller coaster on a daily basis.  Teens don't really understand why they feel the way that they do and it makes them very uncomfortable.  A big hug from Mom or Dad can go a long way, if done correctly.  Don't ever hug your teen in front of their peers unless they say that it's ok to do so. Teens' peers are very important to them and they care what they think.  Embarrassing them in front of their friends is a really bad idea.  Here are 5 good reasons to hug your teen.

  1. Hugging reinforces your bond with your teen that you may have felt was lost as your teen started to feel more independent.
  2. Hugging can reduce stress.  Being a teen can feel very stressful because there are a lot of new emotions being experienced.
  3. Hugging can make your teen feel safe and secure.  Teens need to know that you are there for them and that they can come to you with their problems.
  4. Hugging can boost your memory.  This can help counter act the "teenage brain" malfunctions that teens experience when they conveniently forget what you have taught them.
  5. Hugging can lower your blood pressure.  Every parent will experience an increase in blood pressure when dealing with teenagers.

Let's face it, hugging feels really good, so why not do it.  Many parents start to feel disconnected from their children when they become teenagers.  It's really important to avoid being disconnected.  I think that continuing to give your teen hugs can help keep your teen feeling close.  If you gave your child hugs regularly, then continuing the pattern or re-introducing hugging into your daily routine with  your teenager, should make it a little easier.  Trying to hug your teen when you never hugged him/her as a child could prove to be a little difficult, but it's important to try.  Some people may feel that they are not the hugging type.  I think those people should suck it up and try to hug their child because hugging is good for you and your teen.

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