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Parenting Outsourcing Part 2 (Because apparently, it's needed)

Several months ago I wrote a blog titled “Parenting Is Being Outsourced”.  I expressed my opinions about people outsourcing parenting duties. A blogger on baby center listed nine tasks that she wished that she could outsource.  She included some pretty important things such as nursing in the middle of the night, feeding her child baby... Read more »

Home-schooled Children Want Access To Local School Sports Teams: Yes or No?

There is a debate in several states about whether or not home-schooled children should be allowed to play on their local school sports teams.  According to Washington Post , the Tebow bill wants to allow home-schooled children the opportunity to try out for their local school teams in Virginia. Many parents will argue that they pay... Read more »

Giving your kid food in the grocery store before purchasing it: Not ok!

Parents are treating the grocery store like it’s their personal kitchen. They think that they can just take what ever they want and give it to their kid to eat.  They don’t even think about paying for the item first.  I saw a father open a box of cereal and give some to his kid... Read more »

Parents Who Cheat: Is It Ok If Your Child Will Benefit From Your Cheating?

There are parents who cheat.  Is cheating always wrong or is there a gray area when it comes to cheating?  Is it ok to cheat if it is for the benefit of your child?  I wrote about ways in which some parents cheat in Chicago to help their children get into selective high schools.  I... Read more »

Strippers At A Teenage Birthday Party: Happy 16th Birthday Son!

There were strippers at a teenage birthday party in South Glen Falls, NY.  The teenager was celebrating his 16th birthday at a local bowling alley with approximately 80 guests.  Some of the guests were as young as 14-years old.  Strippers are for adult males and females, not children.  A 16-year old is still a child. ... Read more »

5 Reasons To Hug Your Teen (including boys)

There are many reasons to hug your teen, but here are 5 reasons to hug your teen.  This includes the boys as well. Teenagers are interesting beings.  They are on an emotional roller coaster on a daily basis.  Teens don’t really understand why they feel the way that they do and it makes them very... Read more »

CPS Selective Enrollment Letters Affect The Lives of Over 14,000 Teens

Last Saturday, 14,393 Chicago and some suburban students waited for their postal carriers to deliver the mail.  The CPS selective enrollment letters were expected to arrive.  According to the website CPS Obsessed, only 30% of the applicants received an offer to a selective enrollment high school.  That is to say that only 4,340 students were... Read more »