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Have you been reduced to bribing your children?

I recently heard a story about a mom who bribed her child with an iPod touch in exchange for her child agreeing to take a test prep class for a high school entrance exam. I personally do not believe in negotiating with or bribing children, period. If you are the parent, your child is supposed... Read more »

Airplane Passenger Hits 2-year Old: What would you do if it were your child?

A airplane passenger hit a 2-year old boy because the child was crying during the descent.  The boy was in pain from the cabin pressure as the plane descended.  Pain during descent on an airplane is common for many people.  Many people need to take a decongestant when they fly to avoid this pain.  Children... Read more »

Are Helicopter Parents Causing Their Children To Become Depressed?

Apparently, helicopter parenting can lead to depression. A recent study conducted by the University of Mary Washington suggests that young adults between the ages of 18-23 who had helicopter parents were more likely to feel depressed. “In an online survey, participants were asked to describe their mothers’ parenting behaviors and rate their own perceptions of... Read more »

President Obama Can't End Gun Violence Because He Can't Raise Other People's Children

President Obama can’t end gun violence in Chicago.  If he comes to Chicago in hopes of doing something to stop the gun violence, he is wasting his time.  The violence in Chicago does not exist because we need tougher gun laws.  Let me say it again.  The gun violence in Chicago does not exist because... Read more »

Sex Scandal Between 4-year olds and 5-year olds Rocks Preschool

Apparently, oral sex is all the rave in preschool because they are giving and receiving blowjobs.  The preschoolers at First Lutheran Church of Carson School in California have been engaging in oral sex in the bathroom, during nap time and recess.  THIS IS NOT A JOKE!! First Lutheran Church of Carson School is closing after parents... Read more »

Get Free Tickets to the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and Enjoy Some Quality Family Time (The Free Ticket Contest Has Ended)

I am giving away four tickets to the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.  Why?  I think that families should spend quality time together and that all children should be exposed to culture and the arts.  I wrote a blog about how eating dinner together can reduce the risk of your teen using drugs or alcohol.  I believe... Read more »

Grandparents seem to forget what it was like raising kids

Grandparents seem to forget that they were once parents.  They appear to care more about their grandchildren than they did for their own children. Grandparents are certainly more lenient with their grandchildren. Some children seem to be able to enjoy soda and candy in unlimited quantities when in the care of their grandparents.  However, their... Read more »