Grandparents seem to forget what it was like raising kids

Grandparents seem to forget that they were once parents.  They appear to care more about their grandchildren than they did for their own children. Grandparents are certainly more lenient with their grandchildren.

Some children seem to be able to enjoy soda and candy in unlimited quantities when in the care of their grandparents.  However, their parent's soda and candy consumption was monitored and limited when  they were growing up.  Have sugar highs and stomach been eradicated?

When I told my parents about the first time my child said a swear word, they thought it was hilarious.  WTF?  Are they insane?  I wanted to know who those people were and what they had done with my parents.  If I had said a swear word they would not have found it funny at all.  In fact, I would have been punished for swearing.  Apparently, my children are worthy of leniency and understanding for all of their infractions.

I was recently chastised by my mother for not taking my teenager to school on a cold day.  I don't recall my own mother taking me to school when it was zero degrees outside.  We have not experienced a true Chicago winter in 15 years. My teenager takes public transportation to and from school every day.  She has resources that were not available when I was a teen.  She has a phone with bus tracker.  Bus tracker tells you exactly when a bus or train will arrive at a particular stop.  She is able to walk to the bus stop, and get right on the bus.

Why do grandparents seem to want to coddle their grandchildren?  They want to have it both ways.  They expect you to coddle your children but when they are out of control, they tell you that you aren't raising them.  What gives?  Have your parents did a complete 180 degree turn since parenting you?


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