Get Free Tickets to the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and Enjoy Some Quality Family Time (The Free Ticket Contest Has Ended)

I am giving away four tickets to the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.  Why?  I think that families should spend quality time together and that all children should be exposed to culture and the arts.  I wrote a blog about how eating dinner together can reduce the risk of your teen using drugs or alcohol.  I believe that spending quality time together as a family, outside the home can be just as important.

All families need quality time together.  More mothers are working today and parents are working more hours.  Children still need quality time with their parents.  There just doesn't seem to be enough time in the day to do everything.  As parents we need to prioritize our time better.  There are children who see very little of their parents because they are always working.  Think about what will become of your kids if they continue to rarely see you because you are working all the time.  You are not raising them, if you are not there.  Children need love and attention from you.

Quality family time does not require a lot of money.  There are plenty of things that you can do as a family that don't cost any money.  Here are some of my favorite things that I would recommend to do in Chicago.

  1. You can go for a walk
  2. Go outside and play in the snow
  3. Spend time talking to one another about issues in your lives and the world
  4. Have a picnic in the park or your own backyard
  5. Borrow a movie from the library
  6. Go to the beach or to the lake
  7. Go for a bike ride (if you own bikes)
  8. Play a sport in the park
  9. Play board games at home (or if you must, video games)
  10. Go to a museum on it's free day

It really doesn't matter what you and your family does, as long as everyone is participating and having a good time.  We have just began a new year so lets all make a great effort to spend more quality time with our children.  Life is too short.

If you are interested in the tickets to the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, please complete the sentence below, and post it in the comments section below or on the Good And Bad Parents Facebook fan page.  All entries must be received by February 10, 2013.  The tickets are valid for Friday, May, 3, 2013 at 8:00pm.  Children must be at least 8 years old to attend. The winner will be chosen by a select group of ChicagoNow bloggers and announced on February 12, 2013.

If I could be completely honest with my child about one thing, I would tell him/her........

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