Airplane Passenger Hits 2-year Old: What would you do if it were your child?

A airplane passenger hit a 2-year old boy because the child was crying during the descent.  The boy was in pain from the cabin pressure as the plane descended.  Pain during descent on an airplane is common for many people.  Many people need to take a decongestant when they fly to avoid this pain.  Children can be helped by drinking something or chewing gum during this time.  I will be the first to admit that I am not a fan of children crying and misbehaving on airplanes.  This child was having a legitimate problem with the air pressure so his crying was justified.

The child's mother was having trouble calming her son down because he was in pain.  The passenger seated beside them allegedly told the mother to "Shut that N-word baby up" and slapped the child.  The mother says that the slap caused the child's eye to bleed and his face to swell.  What kind of person hits someone else's child?  There are just certain things in life that you just don't do and hitting someone's child is one of them.

The man who hit the child, Joe Rickey Hundley claims that he is not a racist.  Let me get this straight, he refers to a 2-year old as a N-word baby, but he is not a racist.  I would like for him to explain his definition of racist.  I believe that he is racist because he is pleading not guilty.  He is unwilling to accept his actions as being wrong.  Joe Rickey Hundley should just admit to having a moment in which he had a great lapse in judgement and self control and accept his punishment.  Instead he wants to have his day in court and it will back fire on him.  His name will be in the newspapers and on the news as the old white man that slapped the innocent black toddler.  This man deserves more than one year in jail, but apparently that is the longest penalty that he can receive for his offense towards this child.

Joe has been fired from his position as President of  AGC Aerospace & Defense.  I would like to applaud this company for doing the right thing and firing this man.  I should hope that no company wants to be associated with a man you would shout a racial slur at a 2-year and assault him.  Why do people think that they can just do whatever they want to without consequences?

I have spent several days wondering what I would have done if I were in that situation.  My husband would be in jail for kicking Joe's ass.  My husband is not a violent man, but he is very protective of his family.  I think that this family should file a civil lawsuit against him.  I am not a litigious person but what he did was so blatantly wrong that he needs to suffer in a bad way.  The potential one year in jail is not enough of a punishment for what he did.  He was the President of a major company so he has plenty of money and he should be made to part with some of it for being so mean and ignorant.  What would you do in this situation?


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