Fifty Shades of Parenting

Parenting can be a tough up job. At times, it can be the most mentally draining job on the planet. Think about it for a few minutes. How many emotions and feelings have you felt dealing with your children in the last couple of days? Parenting is an emotional roller coaster.  It's fifty shades of different emotions and feelings! On any given day and at any time, you don't know what emotions you will feel.  The emotions you feel may change in a second, minute or hour.

Parents are happy, sad, frustrated, proud, disappointed, scared,
lonely, confident, uncertain, passive, confused, calm, antsy,
aggressive, loving, understanding, supportive, aggravated, stressed, relaxed, courageous, powerful, worried, guilty, jealous, angry, fearful, hopeful, excited, joyful, mad, empathetic, the list is never ending.

Parenting is taxing on the mind, body and soul. It's a love, hate
relationship.  While you love your child(ren), you sometimes hate how
they make you feel. With all of the different emotions we feel each day, it's a wonder we are not all crazy. Children's emotions and feelings are all over the place and they don't know how to deal with them. As a parent, I'm not always sure how to deal with them either.

For every stage in life, children experience different emotions and feelings. Infancy, the toddler stage, childhood, puberty, pre-teen, the teen stage and the young adult stage. That's a lot of feelings and emotions for parents to deal with along with their own. Everytime you have an encounter with your child, there is some feeling or emotion involved. There are times, when every parent feels mentally and emotionally drained after dealing with their children. At times, it can be overwhelming and you might feel fifty shades of f*cked up.

So why do we subject ourselves to the fifty shades of parenting?  We
enjoy the unconditional love that we receive in return.

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If I could be completely honest with my child about one thing, I would tell him/her........

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