Boy Fakes Kidnapping To Avoid Parent-Teacher Conference

An 11-year old boy in the small town of Xinzo de Limia, Spain decided that he couldn't bear to have his parents meet with his teacher due to his poor grades. Nothing new, right? When you were a kid and you knew that you were not getting stellar grades in school, you were probably a little nervous about what your parents would say or do to you. Apparently, this kid was beyond nervous, he was terrified so he made a plan. He faked his own kidnapping so that his parents would not attend the conference with his teacher. The boy sent his father a text message saying that he was grabbed and thrown into the trunk of a car while taking out the trash. His father called him back and the boy said that he didn't know where he was being taken and that it was a blue car. The boy then faked static on the phone and hung up.

His father was a police officer, so he knew that every available resource would be put in motion to find him. According to the Guardian:

The worried father told his commanders and, as the news was relayed around civil guard barracks across the province of Ourense, his colleagues hurriedly set up roadblocks. A nationwide alert was released in case the vehicle had left the province.

Police in neighbouring Portugal were also informed amid worries that the boy's kidnappers may have fled across the border.

Local newspapers flashed the news on their websites and ran photographs of heavily armed police manning roadblocks.

It was two hours later when the boy's father was at home and realized that the keys to the family's second residence were missing. The father went to his second residence and found his son, safe and unharmed. WTF? I'm sure his father felt all fifty shades of parenting in a matter of seconds.

What was this kid thinking? Doesn't he realize that he is going to be in even more trouble. He has bad grades and he has caused an entire police force to go into action looking for him. I wonder what his punishment will be. Have you or your kids ever done something completely insane to avoid an unpleasant situation? What would you do to your child if he/she faked their own kidnapping?

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If I could be completely honest with my child about one thing, I would tell him/her........


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