Are You An Irresponsible Parent If You Don't Give Your Kid A Cellphone?

Are you an irresponsbile parent if you don't give your kid a cell phone? Some people believe that good responsible parents provide cellphones for their kids as a safety measure. I have mixed feelings about this question.

Cellphones have not been in the hands of kids for very long. With the increase in cellphone usage, the old faithful payphones have disappeared. How many kids used payphones when they were in existence, anyway? Parents today, did not have cell phones when they were kids. They took the bus and walked to their activites with no phones. Do kids really need cellphones? Are cellphones luxury items or a necessity or are they just convenient? How often are your kids somewhere where there is no access to a phone? Most kids use their phones to communicate with their parents less than with their friends. How many parents threaten to take away their child's cellphone for bad behavior or misuse? If it was so important, then why use it was a weapon for punishment?

Kids are going doing more things without their parents being present. Parents need to be able to contact their kids at all times. Kids need to be able to contact their parents are all times. Phones are more affordable and provide a sense of security for parents. The cost of cellphones are a small price to pay for your peace of mind. If the bus or train is running late, your child can let you know so you won't be worried when they are late. It is useful if the car breaks down or you are detained for some unknown reason. They can call for help if they get into trouble. If your child has a cellphone and you are in a crowded place, you can locate him/her easily by calling their cell phone. You can locate your child if he/she gets lost.

I think that the issue of cellphones depends on the child and their situation. A child that is being driven to and from school and activities by his/her parents does not need a cell phone. That child is enjoying a privilege and should appreciate the luxury of that cellphone. A child who is travelling on public transportation alone on a regular basis, might need a cellphone. If a child is driving a long distance alone, he/she will need a cellphone. Parents need to decide if cellphones are a "want" or "need" item in their household.

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