Aaron Swartz's Parents Blame Prosecutors For His Suicide, Are They Right?

The parents of Aaron Swartz are blaming federal prosecutors for their son's suicide. Mr. Swartz did something wrong. Whether it was morally or legally wrong, depends on your personal point of view. My heart goes out to his family and friends who will miss him dearly.

I think they are wrong to blame the prosecutors for his death. He took property that didn't belong to him in a way in which it was not meant to be taken. Prosecutors believe that he intended to share the property with others on a file-sharing site. His own lawyer is quoted as saying that Mr. Swartz never uploaded the material to the site, but the lawyer did not deny that Mr. Swartz had taken the information. There are young people who are on trial for bad behavior everyday and they don't commit suicide. Hell, there have been several people who have served decades in prison for crimes they did not commit and they have not committed suicide.

Parents spend too much time blaming others when their children are wrong. They need to make their children accept responsibility for their actions. This young man was going to trial because he was accused of hacking into the computer system at MIT. He had enough money to afford the best possible legal defense team. O.J. Simpson proved that if you can afford the best legal defense team, you can get away with murder. He should have had his day in court and defended himself. That's what you do when you take responsibility for your actions. While his parents are quick to blame someone else because their son could not take the pressure, they need to consider that their son may have been depressed already.

According to the TheDailyBeast.com, Mr. Swartz wrote in a 2007 blog that he was struggling with depression and was having suicidal thoughts. This young man needed some help in 2007. I really hope that he was receiving help when he died.

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