It's A School, Not The Wild, Wild West: No Guns In Schools

To the families that were devastated by the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary, my heart, thoughts and prayers go out to you.  The senseless tragedy that took the lives of twenty children and six adults is just devastating.  As a result of this tragedy, I will forever hold my children a little tighter each day.

This tragic event has increased the discussion on gun control and the right to bear arms. Harold Independent School District in Texas grants it's staff and teachers permission to carry concealed weapons to school each day.  Are we in the wild, wild, west or the current United States of America?  What will the children think when they discover that their teacher has a gun in the classroom? Will they be afraid to come to school? They may fear that something bad will happen if their teacher needs to have a gun in the classroom. We hear stories all the time about how guns ended up in the wrong hands. This current situation is a great example of that. This young man used his mother's guns to murder innocent children. What if a child gets the teacher's gun? Is the school ready to accept responsibility for the outcome?

Superintendent David Thweatt told the policy was initiated because of safety concerns.  "We have had employees assaulted before by people in the last several years," Thweatt said. "I think that safety is big concern. We are seeing a lot of anger in society."  So if a parent shoves a teacher during a disagreement (this would be totally wrong and awful) this is now a reason to allow the teacher to bring a gun to school?  Really?  This is the rationale for the policy change to allow teachers to carry guns?

This was a tragedy that no one could have predicted.  I'm not convinced that it could have been prevented.  This young man was troubled and his family did not have a crystal ball that revealed his thoughts of killing innocent people. Unfortunately, bad things happen and sometimes they are beyond our control. Maybe if the school had an armed security guard, the devastation could have been minimized. I'm not sure, but this young man was on a mission to kill and I don't think he would have backed down even if he faced someone with a gun. I wouldn't even begin to know how you would prepare school teachers to deal with someone like this.

According to a HuffingtonPost article, the superintendent was quoted as saying "When you make schools gun-free zones, it's like inviting people to come in and take advantage," Thweatt told Fox News in 2008. The involvement of guns can turn heated situations into devastating ones. If that young man had entered that school with a knife or a baseball bat, all of those fatalities would never have occurred.

I don't think that you should turn a school into an environment where you expect and prepare for the worst thing to happen every day.  No child's educational experience should be about planning and expecting the worst. School should be a place where children feel safe, comfortable and secure. Not a place where they feel safe because their teacher has a gun.

May God Bless the families and friends of the victims!

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